A Knowledge Base allows Technicians to pool information about service updates, common problems and frequently asked questions. Requesters can use the Knowledge Base to search for a problem, and Technicians can use the Knowledge Base to keep each other informed.

Access the Knowledge Base via Tools ? Knowledge Base ? Knowledge Base.

Adding an Article

Click the green Add icon in the toolbar to add a new Article.

  • Use the Shared checkbox to make your Article visible to other members of the team once you are ready for them to approve it.
  • The Linked Article link at the bottom of the screen allows the Technician to link related Knowledge Base Article together.

In order for the Article to be published in the Knowledge Base, the Approve radio button must be clicked. If neither radio button is clicked, the Article is held in the moderation queue for approval.

Approving articles

Access the list of unapproved Article at Tools ? Knowledge Base ? Approve Articles. To approve an Article:

  1. Click the checkbox in the left hand column next to the article(s) you wish to approve.
  2. Click the green Approve icon in the toolbar.
  • Use the red Reject icon to reject the Article and remove it from the queue.

Converting Tickets to Articles

Any ticket can be converted to a Knowledge Base article. The approval system works in exactly the same way as a manually created article.

Items and Categories

Knowledge Base Articles can be classified using Items and Categories. Use the menu screens at Tools ? Knowledge Base ? Article Items and Tools ? Knowledge Base ? Article Categories.

  • Items are typically the primary classification method for an Article. For example, if your service desk or helpdesk supports software, you may wish to name your items Adobe AcrobatMicrosoft OfficeMicrosoft Windows 7 and so on.
  • For another level of organisation, you may group Items together. Using the above example, you could use headings such as Adobe and Microsoft and display your Items underneath those headings.


  • Categories allow you to organize Articles based on the nature of the content. For example, you may wish to have Categories named Software RequestHR RequestHardware Support and so on.

Other Knowledge Base features

  • Once an Article is created, it can be rated by Technicians and Requesters using a five-star rating system.
  • Techincians and Requesters may comment on Article. Comments must be approved at Tools ? Knowledge Base ? Approve Article Comments before they are visible.

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